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日本のカルチャーにふれるにつれ、和楽器、日本神話、日本のアート、そしてテーマが(生まれ変わり, カルマ, エネルギー...)UKICOプロジェクト全体に散りばめられています。



Born to a Japanese mother and a French father, UKICO was raised in France but always kept a deep interest for her Japanese heritage, which influenced her approach to life and songwriting. Descendant of a samouraï family, her grandfather was from Izumo, a holy place in Japanese culture, known to be the place of Japan’s creation in Japanese mythology.


UKICO was greatly inspired by her japanese roots and her own spiritual journey.


She is not a typical  singer-songwriter,  producer. She creates a whole universe true to her vision of the world.

After learning music production and engineering skills in NYC, and interning at a recording studio (Strange Weather) as well as NY venues (Birldland, The village underground),  she came back to Tokyo where she truly found her sound and inspiration. Influenced by 90s Trip-hop, her Japanese roots and her music engineering background UKICO creates a unique spiritual universe merging sampled drum sounds, textures, dreamy/dark synth, traditional Japanese instruments and sultry vocals.

The main theme of her musical project is Spirituality, Reincarnation, the Karma that you take on, in Rebirth, Consciousness, which you can find the Music Video of her first single "DENIAL", First piece of a trilogy series.

Album to be released early 2020.

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